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How much is a French Bulldog? Costs, Considerations, and More!

French Bulldogs are the kind of loyal companion you want by your side. They are fancy, fun, and loyal. French Bulldogs are actually not French at all, and they’re the result of a cross between an English Bulldog and the French Bulldog. Small in size and quirky in personality, they appeal to pet lovers, but many do not relish the financial commitment. French bulldogs with healthy bloodlines can be afforded with some careful financial planning if you are concerned about affordability.

how much are french bulldogs

One-time costs for French Bulldog

A dog’s initial cost is one of the few one-time costs. Apart from spaying or neutering and microchipping, you will have to continue paying for other necessities, such as food and grooming. The upfront price, on the other hand, is what most people are concerned about before they commit.

Adopt a French Bulldog

  • $250–$500

A growing number of people are adopting pets. Adoption is usually more affordable, and the fee includes spaying/neutering and initial vaccination. The cost of adopting a French Bulldog ranges from $250 to $500. Prices may vary depending on your location and whether they know the dog’s history.

French Bulldog Breeders

  • $1,500–$13,000

French Bulldogs are expensive, but not so much that they’re unaffordable if you buy from a highly reputable breeder. Between $1,500 and $13,000 is the average price of a French Bulldog puppy. Buying your dog from a good breeder will cost you more than you expect, but it will save you money in the long run since puppies from a bad breeder are likely to have more health issues in the future. If you spy a French Bulldog puppy for less than this cost, be wary: you’re likely purchasing from a backyard breeder, whose poor breeding standards might have produced an inbred dog with issues like seizures, violent behavior, blindness or other issues…. or a dog that isn’t a real Frenchie. When you look for a breeder, ask for the papers of both parents, and their veterinary work; try to schedule a call with their regular veterinarian as well to get an unbiased opinion on the health of the parents.

French Bulldog Prices: Initial Purchases and Supplies

  • $95–$150

Dogs don’t require a lot of setup when they are first brought home. A 30-pound bag of high-quality dog food will cost you approximately $55, which is $2 to $3 per pound. And trust us: you will want the nicer dog food for a Frenchie. Many low-quality dog foods are packed with synthetic oils and allergens, to which most Frenchies are actually quite sensitive to. If you don’t want them on your furniture while they sleep, you should buy them a bed. Dog beds cost anywhere from $20 to $40. Grab a couple of food and water bowls for them, around $10, and a collar and leash, approximately $10 to $20.

How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost Per Month?

  • $270–$810 per month

Taking care of a French Bulldog involves a lot of considerations. In addition to the upfront costs, you have to keep in mind that they are a monthly expense. Every month, you need to buy 30-pound bags of dog food, usually 1, but possibly more. They will also need to be groomed at least once a month. If you add up medications, vet visits, and pet insurance, this could be more than you can afford.

French Bulldog High-Quality Food Costs

  • $45–$85 per month

Despite being a smaller breed, French Bulldogs still eat a healthy amount of food and are relatively active. Most dogs in this breed eat about 30 pounds of food every month. This will cost between $45 and $55 a month depending on the brand you choose.